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City-Pier-City Running Event 2024

The participation in the 48th City-Pier-City run in The Hague was again a very successful sports event. A group of 26 'Rennen voor Wout' runners appeared at the start: 12 for 5 km, 8 for 10 km and 6 for 21 km. And they all made it to the finish line!

It is always a joy to be part of such a sports festival: the start with tens of thousands of runners, the enthusiastic crowd 'along the line', the battle with yourself to keep it up and then the Finish on the Malieveld where you know you have made it. Following and encouraging the other runners of the group in the 5, 10 or 21 km distance with Live-Tracking is magic. You see their ID on you mobile phone app, they hear you mentioning their names along the line and get a boost to keep on going.

Afterwards we all went to the informal get-together at Greens, where family and friends also participated the sporting atmosphere. Familiar faces met each other, and new friends became part of the community. What a great fun to have this altogether every year, following in Wouter's footsteps.


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