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City-Pier-City Running Event 2021

In the beginning of 2021 the running team organized the run again as part of the CPC tour. The team also introduced a charity: in a digital Flyer the runners were asked to invite their families and friends to donate to the common cause. About 80 enthusiastic runners responded to the call in the WhatsApp group. At the same time, also at Masanga in Sierra Leone, where Wouter worked, the ‘Dr. Wouter run’ event was organized. Unfortunately, the CPC run of March, 2021 was eventually canceled due to Corona. 

However, the WNSF team did not let go. They organized an online virtual Estafette run on Instagram starting on Sunday September 26. The idea behind the Estafette was: to run 3 km’s, tag 3 friends to pass on the relay baton and donate €3 or a multiplier of that to the Scholarship Fund. This virtual Estafette was a great success. Over 50 runners put their selfies and/or films on Instagram. The Scholarship Fund collected more than € 5.600, enough to support 2 new students in their first year STP program.


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