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About Us

The Wouter Nolet Foundation is controlled by a Board that guides the fulfilling of her mission.

Strengthening the Healthcare System of Sierra Leone


Our mission is to strengthen the health care system in Sierra Leone.



Our vision is that the health care systerm in Sierra Leone may best be served by increasing the number of mid-level clinicians. By educating these health care workers a task sharing between medical doctors and clinical assistants becomes possible. 

We will contribute to this vision by:

  • Providing scholarships

  • Implementing projects in which students may gain work experience

  • Conducting research to monitor the impact and cost-effectiveness of the projects



What do we want to achieve?

  1. To financially support qualified health care workers in Sierra Leone to follow the specilization trainings of CapaCare, German Doctors and Partners in Health

  2. To improve maternal health services in the hard-to-reach, rural areas in Sierra Leone

  3. To evaluate the influence of the outreach maternal program on pregnant women in order to ensure that interventions are meaningful and affordable

  4. To gather sufficient voluntary donations to cover the funding needs of our projects

  5. To collaborate with government agencies and NGO's with similar objectives

Details about our goals can be found in our Policy Statement.


In an Annual Report, the Board of the Wouter Nolet  Foundation is accountable to his donors and other stakeholders. The financial results (income and expenditures) of the Foundation are controlled by an independent Audit Committee. Annual Reports as well as other documents can be found at our Publications page.

WNF collects and processes personal data of people within its projects.  This takes place under the conditions of a Privacy Statement.

The Board

The Board of the Wouter Nolet Foundation consists of 4 persons of whom one will always be a member of the Nolet family. The tasks, authorities and responsibilities of the chairman, secretary and treasurer of the Board are separated.

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